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We headed up with number of WhatsApp Guidelines for our faithful readers. The company had sent the updates to a few people to test its new functionality. Because of its use on trial basis, the business had even pushed its up to date version in Google Play as well. Later, the users had to watch out constantly so you can get improvements in their region in selected sites. There is another source for getting the updates. It was by visiting the company site for downloading the apk document. People downloaded the new version and used it to provide their feedback. Based on the feedback, WhatsApp brought some changes in the new feature to get the final approval. Finally, WhatsApp came out with the stable version that offered the voice calling facility.

I just pointed out that, in the new version of Whatsapp, when you delete a note from a converstion, the discussion remains in the same chronological sequence (in accordance with other conversations) that the removed message had place the conversation. Even when the newest message is deleted, the conversation does not rearrange itself to the stage where the last message in the discussion (not erased) would place this conversation.

The best course of action after doing the apparent things like establishing long and strong passwords, and using multiple-factor authentication when available, is usually to be careful about how exactly you utilize email. Never store delicate documents on your email server, and always make an effort to consider what you communicate and exactly how your communicate it. Could it be too sensitive to risk exposure with a hacker? In this new world you must assume that everything you connect by way of email could end up as the equivalent of skywriting. Perhaps that communication is best preserved for a phone call or via an encrypted messaging application - though be aware that the second option produces transcripts that also

If you have already configured WhatsApp to your number you'll be able to use it even if the SIM cards is no longer in it. When you have never set up your device with a phone number, well that's different. If you prefer to use your computer to communicate on WhatsApp, then you can do this by downloading WhatsApp for desktop on Home windows and Mac. After you down load the desktop version of WhatsApp, you will be asked to check a QR code from your mobile device to be able to verify your identity.

You are able to choose to send your "status" to all your WhatsApp contacts, contacts "except," or decide on a specific set of connections. Whoever you send it to, it will disappear after a day. The feature shows up mainly developed for WhatsApp Business, however, many references were within the normal WhatsApp app too. It's not available yet for both apps", says WABetaInfo. The purpose of developing a Linked Accounts" option continues to be unknown.

Open the WhatsApp chat of the contact whom you want to send the GIF to. Click on the attach icon > Select Gallery > Go to videos. Choose the video you intend to create in a GIF from. As soon as you do this, it'll open up in the video editing and enhancing portion of WhatsApp. Here, you have to change the space of the video to 6 seconds or less, conocer los hechos aqui ahora as longer GIFS are not supported by WhatsApp.

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