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If you've ever sent a drunk or mistaken text message over WhatsApp then you will be glad the service is considering a fresh option to correct poor life decisions. When you have naughty friends who like to send messages to other in your stead from whatsapp, install Messenger Lock. It'll still let them use the rest of the phone but stop whatsapp from them. Download the new version and set it up. Your gbwhatsapp will be updated automatically. In the year 2017, friendships aren't measured on loyalty or time, it's all about how much data you've distributed. WhatsApp has that info - and you will use it to make your own ranked set of your most liked friends. No, there's

imageAll of this is to say that if you want to continue using WhatsApp to talk to friends and family and you're using one of the devices or os's listed above, you'll need to either update your software or upgrade your smartphone. Because WhatsApp will no longer positively develop for these systems, some top features of the app may stop functioning at any time, even prior to the listed dates.

This is actually the biggest feature to arrive on WhatsApp beta. With this new feature, users can reply privately to messages on group chats. While this might sound problem, its application is easy. Once you long press on a note, choose the three dotted menu button at the top and choose ‘Reply privately'. You will be taken to the personal chat package of the recipient.

Before you open up the whatspp chat you want , change your telephone to airplane mode. Now you can read without alert being delivered. Now leave the message before you switch airplane mode off again, and it will remain unread without the sender knowing. support for messages, images, and videos. Experts have uncovered a serious security vulnerability in WhatsApp that could allow hackers or government spies to glide undetected into group chats in the Facebook-owned messaging app.

8. Hide Profile Picture: Can't figure out how? Simply, navigate to Account Settings > Personal privacy > Profile Photo and touch on the ‘No one' option and discuss then, the profile picture will no longer be noticeable to your contacts. WhatsApp has resurrected this idea with a modern twist. You should use a photo or brief video (Snapchat style) to make a visual declaration of how things are going. Exactly like Snapchat, your message will go away after 24 hours.

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